March / April BSM Update

BSM March / April Update!!

Apologize for the delay, we were at Spring break and then I was in Louisville, KY for two modular courses for seminary. 

Recap for Spring Break 

  • 60 people total, 56 students. 
  • Broke into small groups. 
  • Over 40 students shared testimonies
  • 6 non-christians who heard the gospel
  • YL Rockbridge is ready for the summer. 

Upcoming Stuff.

  • Broad Street & Tailgate. May 3rd 
  • Barn Party. May 9th
  • Finals Fest. Week of May 18th

Summer Missions

  • 6 students are going. 5 are doing 52 day nehemiah team trip. (Indonesia, Phillipians, South Korea, Laos and Costa Rica) 
  • Financial support for Students
  • BSM fundraising support. 

International Students 

  • I’d like you to continue to pray for Kadir and all of the other international students that BSM is reaching out to.
  • International students are always at our Social Events. 
  • Misa and Kaho came to spring break with us 

Roles for Next Year 

  • Please be praying for BSM’s Servant Leader team as they are phishing through applicants.
  • Be praying for my position, as they are phishing through candidates

Thank you to all who give through prayer & financially. This is the home stretch. 

The video is here –

Online Financial Support can be found here –

January Update!

Here are two video updates.

BSM Update

International Update.

Here is a photo of Kadir – IMG_0037

Kadir is 28 years old and from the country of Turkey. Currently working on his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with a concentration in Philosophy of Religion. His Dissertation is “Pragmatic Arguments for Belief in God”. His degree is from a Turkish university but he is here at UD researching for his dissertation. Apparently his UD advisor is a christian 🙂

I am greatly blessed by our friendship. The video may make it seem all we do is apologetics in our meetings, but do not worry, our friendship is growing rapidly. He spent Christmas Eve with me and my family, and tonight I’m going to hang out with him and do something fun. Pray that the Gospel makes a breakthrough in his life.

Update of September!

Hello supporters!

I would like to update you with news regarding BSM. This month Tuesday night attendance has averaged around 75 people with new faces popping up every week. The small groups have all had good numbers of attendance this month. One group in particular has had too many people to meet in the rooms upstairs so they have had to relocate in the large room downstairs. Evangelism this year is thriving and well organized, most weeks after large group, a group averaging about 25 students will go to the freshmen dorms and voluntarily take out their trash. ‘Trash Takeout’ tells the freshmen at the dorms about BSM and why BSM is taking out their trash. There are two Freshmen groups this year and they are actively engaging and discipling freshmen. Eight freshmen attended the freshmen retreat with the four freshmen leaders. The freshmen, students and servant leaders are beginning to build strong relationships with one another. All this to say, numbers are steady at BSM, which is a praise.

In general, be praying for depth of wisdom and knowledge of God for the BSM students. Keep the servant leaders in prayer, specifically that they would be setting a Godly example unto all within BSM. Pray for the leaders of the small groups, that they would set an example of reading, teaching and applying the Word to each of their lives. Be praying for the staff to be teaching, encouraging, rebuking and training others to use the gospel correctly as to sink deeply in their lives. Lastly for all of BSM to be a light unto the campus of UD. Specifically – please be praying for upcoming Fall Retreat!

This year at the University of Delaware, there is a large number of international students on campus. The ELI (English Language Institute) program at UD places a large number of international students here for approximately a year. BSM has been encouraging all servant leaders, not only to meet with UD students but also with international students. These international students desire to have American friendships, and as UD students, we are able to provide friendships and opportunities to share the gospel. We have been having internationals coming to our social events & large groups. Pray that some may join us for Fall Retreat.

I personally am beginning to find a good pace here at BSM. One week in September was devoted to fundraising. All of the other weeks have been actively seeking out people who are on the fringe, not believers or international students. I meet with these people and encourage, admonish and challenge them in their relationships with God. My internship consist of being present at the BSM house, meeting with students one on one and planning for the future with International Students. I am beginning to have a heavy burden in my heart for these students and I believe they should be reached in the most effective way possible. Thus far, small group settings seem to be most effective. Please be praying for the future of this internship, my goal is to impact and reach international students effectively. I am reading, praying and taking action towards an effective way to do this. Thank you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are planning on giving financially to help support me. I apologize, but I have made an error on the support letter you received. The envelope with the check should be MAILED to “Margot Painter” with the address I gave. On the check itself, “Pay to the Order of”, it should say “BCM/D”. I apologize for the confusion. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions 🙂
Sincerely thank you to all of you 🙂

Charlie Roland

About Charlie

I am writing this post in hopes that people who have not met me can know certain, crucial things about who I am.

Even though I grew up in a christian household by two loving parents, I still was able to find myself in a large amount of trouble. During high school, I attended Towle Institute. I struggled with sin casually as most high school christian boys. I found myself drifting through high school with a very surface level relationship with God backed by a large amount of information about who God is, which helped with the visage of “good christian young man”. I moved on to attend Delaware Technical Community College for my first two and a half years, and during this time I was given more freedom than I had in high school. With the freedom, I did not use it to serve the Lord, but instead used it to selfishly serve myself. I found myself waist deep into sin by the end of my freshmen year. . . drugs, girls and alcohol were my motivation of life. I won’t go into extensive detail of the large amount of sinful activity that I conducted and participated in my Freshmen and Sophomore years of college, let us just say that it resulted in federal crimes. Feel free to take me out to lunch if you’d like to know more of my early college days.

What matters most is that someone reached out to me from BSM during those years, Chase Lockard had told Karlyn Shultz about BSM and in turn she told me about “a college youth group”. I went to a large group and for some reason was showered in love and acceptance by Mary Elizabeth and Kelsey Maier. I began to find myself attending BSM on tuesdays and partying the rest of the week, the fellowship of loving christians kept me wondering more and more about BSM and my relationship with Jesus. This pattern continued until Jess Casula forced me to come to Passion 2012, and it was there at Passion that the Lord spoke directly to my heart, and it was a very simple message “Stop these stupid patterns of sin”. After Passion I was reading the Word daily, everyday, twice a day. I began to renounce old sins and sprint after Jesus. All during this time, becoming more and more involved in BSM.

One year later, after much spiritual growth, Blake accepted me onto the Servant Leader team at BSM. I lead a guys small group for the remainder of my 3 semesters of College, now at Goldey Beacom College. It was during this time that the Lord began to reveal to my heart that a life of ministry is where he is calling me. This past summer, after I graduated from Goldey Beacom with a Business Administration degree, I went on a missions trip to Puebla, MX for a month and stayed with missionaries in Mexico. You can read more about my missions trip here below. Just copy and paste the link.


I am currently a BSM intern, just as Jamie Gavejian was last year. I am also, doing landscaping with my dad to fill in the hours that I am unable to get from BSM. I am an Southern Baptist Theological Seminary student at an extension center in Columbia, MD, beginning to work on my Masters of Divinity. I live in Newark with Dinaker Mallya, John Stonkus and Kevin Thomas. I have regular expenses just as every other person does, which is why I will need to raise funding to continue being a BSM intern.  I hopefully plan on being involved with ministry for the rest of my life. In my next post I will go into detail of why I believe BSM needs an intern.

Feel free to text / call / set up a lunch date with me to know more about me.

Charlie Roland (302) 353-0460

Testing out the new WordPress!

Hey so I am going to be posting updates on how my internship is doing via WordPress. Here you’ll be able to see video logs and text logs about how BSM and I am doing. Don’t scrutinize the website, its just something simple to get me by for the year, ill probably update it and make it look better as the year progresses.